What to wear to your head shot session

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What to wear to headshot sessions

I do a lot of headshots and business portraits. I’m often asked what to wear during your session.

Some basic advice – primarily you should wear what you’d wear to meet with a good client. That could be different in some industries than other and you want to appear the way you’ll appear in person. If you are in a more casual line of work, then wear that level in your profile photos.

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In my own head shots I’ve worn a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, shirt and jacket, shirt tie and jacket, and in my current image a long sleeved dark shirt (and hat).

I do recommend: Solid colours rather than patters, (big) stripes, flowers or graphics. The attention should be on your face not on the choice of clothing that can date a photo incredibly quickly.

Cochran-030-EditAlso, I recommend longer sleeves – short sleeves at a minimum, and I would avoid sleeveless. Arms tend to look less toned in photos than in real life.

Colour? That depends on your personality – if your closet is full of bright colours then by all means wear something bright. If you tend to more subtle colours or blacks/greys/etc then that’s what you should wear.

Overall, don’t stress about your clothing, outside of something that is really distracting – pretty much anything you wear will be fine as long as it is appropriate to your market.

I hope this helps you find the right clothing for your session.

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