Social media – reach your audience and pull them to you

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Commercial Photographer Neil Speers in his home office

You want people to come directly to you for your products and services without spending a ton of money? Social media can promise to do that – however the expense then becomes time. You need to consistently create images, videos and posts which grab your audience’s attention.

The easiest way to do that is ‘as you go’ – make a habit of taking a quick iPhone shot or making a short video every time you notice something cool at or related to your business. Don’t shoot your lunch – unless your business is food. But do take fun, quirky pictures of your products – especially when you can include people. People love to see pictures of people, a standard photo of a box with some writing on it isn’t memorable. Unless it’s on fire.

Taking a ‘selfie’ with your client and posting that online is gold – it’s called “social proof.” People are more comfortable hiring or buying from someone if others have done it before them – only the ‘early adopters’ like to be first.

The next thing is don’t waste time on social media – it’s easy to log into twitter or facebook and have all your time sucked up. Set aside an hour a week to schedule your posts – use to schedule a weeks posts at a time, use the scheduling facility of Facebook to do the same thing. BTW – make sure you don’t use external services to post to Facebook – they really don’t like that and won’t show your post to as many people as if you post there directly. And make sure to share your post on your own timeline.

So – you feel you can’t take decent photos – hire me to come in and in an hour I can create a ton of funky photos of your products, your space, you and your staff. Random stuff that goes into a library for posting over the next few months. I can also help you create cool videos – and all the marketers are saying “Video is the coolest.”