On-Location Head shots in Calgary and throughout western Canada

Getting professional head shots should be a very quick and painless task in your busy day.

I bring everything needed to create the right look for you, including professional lighting and assorted backgrounds as needed. Your photography – including handing you the disc of images – takes about 45 minutes from “setting up” to “going on with your day.”

I am one of Calgary’s Premier Professional Photographers for head shot and corporate photography and will guarantee the quality of your head shot – if you’re not happy with the resulting photos, and re-shooting doesn’t get the look you’re after, you don’t have to pay. Guaranteed. No-hassle and no question.

The image will include retouching to a level which would be the same as what people would remember if they were talking to you – not so much you look ‘plastic’, but enough to minimize things you might not want to feature.

What Makes Good Headshots
Download my PDF on “What IS a Professional Headshot” (No SignUp required)

“Head and Shoulders”

The basic head shot sessions includes session doing between 10 and 25 exposures, and you get small and medium size digital files from one pose. The small files are great for use on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Medium file great for printing on business cards, brochures, etc. The medium size files work well for business cards, brochures, and CV’s.

Full-resolution files, extra poses, and headshots of additional people, are also available.

Some of the backgrounds available and ideas for backgrounds.

For information on what to wear during your session – please see this page.

This is a video that really speaks to me as a people photographer – it’s the Dove Beauty Sketches video. How people see themselves and how others see them can be very different.

Group & multiple pose rates available.

See also our Executive Portrait page

Other Services

With several decades experience in communications, marketing and graphic design, I can help you with or find a supplier for:

  • Photo business cards
  • WordPress websites
  • Printed marketing materials like: postcards, posters, brochures

What my clients say:

Head shots in Calgary

I can’t say more about the professionalism that Neil showed us. I not only had him look after my business photography, but also our family photos. It took an entire afternoon to get all the photos, and during the entire time Neil was very fun and interactive to ensure that we got the photos we were looking to achieve. The business side had to shown as very professional, and our family photos we wanted to be fun and not the ordinary stand beside each other type, Neil was fantastic at achieving both of these goals. I would highly recommend Neil for any type of photography which you need, I know that you will be extremely satisfied through the entire process.

Tammy Panchuk

David Augustine about his head shot and videography we did with him.

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