I do a lot of head shots and business portraits. I’m often asked what to wear during your session.

Some basic advice – primarily you should wear what you’d wear to meet with a good client. That could be different in some industries than other and you want to appear the way you’ll appear in person.

In my own head shots I’ve worn a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, shirt and jacket, shirt tie and jacket, and in my current image a long sleeved dark shirt (and hat).

I do recommend solid colours rather than patters, (big) stripes, flowers or graphics. The attention should be on your face not on the choice of clothing that can date a photo incredibly quickly.

Also, I recommend longer sleeves – short sleeves at a minimum, and I would avoid sleeveless. Arms tend to look less toned in photos than in real life.

Colour? That depends on your personality – if your closet is full of bright colours then by all means wear something bright. If you tend to more subtle colours or blacks/greys/etc then that’s what you should wear.

If you have a choice, light colours tend to work better with light coloured hair, and dark colours tend to work better with dark colour hair. But if you are in dark colours that is perfectly fine.

Overall, don’t stress about your clothing, outside of something that is really distracting – pretty much anything you wear will be fine as long as it is appropriate to your market.

I hope this helps you find the right clothing for your session.


PS – The model in the photo is Neil Enock – iTinkr Studios